Martial Arts

Liberty Athletic Club is proud to offer comprehensive training in traditional martial arts. In addition to fostering physical health, the practice of martial arts can help to achieve a calmer mind, better balance and focus, and improved body awareness. Exercises learned in martial arts may be used by people of all ages and continued throughout life.

At Liberty, we are committed to offering the highest quality training, knowledge, and expertise. All students will receive personalized coaching in a safe, supportive atmosphere. All ages and skill levels are welcome to participate. Private instruction is also available. For questions, contact Chad Eisner, Director and Head Instructor, at (734) 665-3738, ext. 59.

Traditional Kung Fu
Having been practiced since antiquity, kung fu is considered the origin of all Asian martial arts practice. Explore this well-respected art, beginning with its most basic elements and working up to its highest form. Training will consist of solo practice, partner exercises, weapons, self-defense, and fitness.

Family Kung Fu
Improve your fitness and practice technique with your whole family! This class will teach basic kung fu movements, stances, drills, and the first kung fu routine.

Tai Chi Fitness
The soft, flowing movements of taijiquan (tai chi) are practiced throughout the world. Medical science recognizes the benefits of taijiquan in reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy and flexibility, and as an aide to modern medical treatments. Taijiquan is also an extremely effective martial arts practice and system of defense. Improve your overall health and reduce your stress level with this gentle, controlled approach to wellness.

Practice of Self-Defense
Learn how to defend yourself from an attack using the most effective strikes and defensive technique. Discover the secret to remaining aware of your surroundings and averting confrontations before they occur. This class will help you achieve the fitness base upon which self defense is built and cultivate an attitude of confidence to help ensure your safety.

Master Fitness
Join us for the ultimate martial arts workout! Cardio kickboxing, dynamic core and strength training, and mat work combine to give you a workout like none other. This intense, thirty-minute class is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, improve your core strength, and allow you to reach a new level of fitness.

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For more information about our Martial Arts program, please contact Chad Eisner at (734) 665-3738 (ext. 59) or
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