Club Policies

General Usage Policies


All members must present their Membership Card upon entry to the club.


Guests may use the club only when accompanied by a member. Both member and guest must register at the Front Desk. Members of the club are responsible for the conduct of their guests. A guest fee will be charged for each guest's visit.


Any balance not paid by the 15th of each month is considered past due and is subject to a late penalty of 1.5% (annual percentage-rate of 18%). Failure to pay any outstanding balance within 60 days may, at management's discretion, result in forfeiture of membership and/or suspension of charge privileges.


The club reserves the right at any time to suspend a member from all privileges of membership if said member has violated any of the bylaws adopted by the club.

  1. MEMBERSHIP AGE LIMIT: Children must obtain their own independent membership upon reaching their 21st birthday. Exceptions may be made for children who are unmarried and 1) attending an accredited college or university as a full-time student, or 2) serving in the armed forces. Such exceptions will be honored only until the child's 25th birthday. NOTE: the definition of a 'full-time' student is that used by the Internal Revenue Service for its purposes of allowed exemptions.
  2. CLUB USAGE: All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older while at the club, unless(s)he is in a supervised program with a club-defined beginning and ending time.
  3. SITTERS AND NANNIES: Sitters 16 years or older may accompany children at Liberty. They must present a Super Card at time of visit. The sponsoring family may purchase Super Cards at the Front Desk. Club usage by sitters requires payment of the guest fee.
  4. INDOOR ADULT LAP POOL, HOT TUBS, STEAM ROOM AND SAUNA: Children must be 12 years of age to use these facilities. Children must be swimming laps to be in the adult lap pool. Advanced levels of private swim lessons and clinics are held in the adult lap pool.
  5. LIBERTY LAGOON WATERPARK: When the waterpark is NOT lifeguarded, youth under 15 years of age must be tended by a parent or otherwise designated person who will be responsible for the child's behavior and safety. When the waterpark IS lifeguarded, children must be 8 years of age to enter without a parent or supervisor. Children under three years of age must wear a swim diaper or plastic training pants under their swim suit. Diving is not permitted
  6. LAGOON ACTIVITY CENTER/CLIMBING WALL: Children ages 8 years and older are welcome to use the Activity Center unaccompanied by a parent or supervisor. The climbing wall is complimentary for members and their guests ages 7 to adult.
  7. FITNESS FLOOR: You must be at least 12 years old to use the fitness equipment, unless working with a personal trainer. An orientation to the fitness floor must be completed with a fitness instructor before using the fitness equipment unsupervised. It is necessary to reach 15 years of age to use the free-weight area.
  8. GROUP FITNESS CLASSES are complimentary to members and their guests. Cycling classes require participants to be 15 years of age or older. Sign up for cycling classes is available at the front desk. All other group fitness classes require participants to be 12 years of age and older.
  9. OUTDOOR WATERPARK: Because the Outdoor Waterpark is lifeguarded, children ages 8 to 12 may use the pools unaccompanied by a parent provided a parent/supervisor remains on the premises.
  10. BASKETBALL COURT AND TRACK: The basketball court and indoor track are considered adult areas of the club, children must be 12 years of age or accompanied by a parent or supervisor to use these areas.

Proper and appropriately modest attire is required for members and guests using the club.


Profanity, racquet-throwing, or any other form of uncontrolled behavior will not be tolerated.


Smoking is not permitted on the premises.


Use of cell phone and wireless computer access is restricted to the lobby and locker room areas only. Cell phones equipped with cameras are not permitted in the locker rooms.

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