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Liberty's Junior Competitive tennis program started over 30 years ago and has become a model for junior tennis throughout the United States. The goal of the program has always been to maximize each student's enjoyment and improvement in tennis. This has been accomplished by creating a very positive environment where students are excited about developing tennis skills.

The results have been dramatic with amazing improvement at all ability levels. At the highest level there have been many nationally ranked players and state high school champions. Parents have commented about the added confidence their children have gained and how it has helped their self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, and performance in the classroom. The Liberty program has truly been a positive life experience for its participants.

Players in Liberty's Junior Competitive Programs are encouraged to play in tennis tournaments to gain competitive tennis experience. Liberty has a strong tournament development program that fosters individual players' skills. Contact any of the tennis pros if you have questions about junior tennis tournaments.

The Southeast Michigan District of the United States Tennis Association (USTA) publishes a handy guide for junior competitive tennis players and their families called Southeastern Michigan Junior Recreational & Competitive Tennis Handbook. This contains information that is particularly helpful to players new to "competitive tennis." You can click the link to view/download a PDF version of the handbook or email Lichee St. Pierre ( to receive a PDF file of the guide.

Liberty's Junior Competitive Program is an elite program for youth who are preparing for, or currently involved in, competitive match play. To join one of these groups, players must 'qualify' by having reached a certain tennis skill level. Red Group is available for nonmembers, while Maize, Silver and Blue Groups require Liberty membership. Enroll by session, by invitation only. To schedule an evaluation or for more information, please Contact Paul Ripley at (734) 665-3738 (ext. 16).

Red Group
Player must have a moderate consistency in serving and the ability to sustain a groundstroke rally. Groundstroke technique at this level begins to incorporate topspin. The ability to play at the net and to volley, and hit an overhead smash is at a very basic level.

Maize Group
Player must have ability to have an extended rally with groundstrokes and the confidence to place the ball both cross-court and down the line. More power, especially on the forehand, further defines this level of player. The ability to move more effectively and get to more balls allows the player to have more effective match results. Serving is quite consistent and there is refinement in their skills around the net.

Silver Group
Player must have considerable competitive experience and is capable of winning points from the baseline and at the net. Serving becomes more accurate, and much more powerful. This player is already playing on a high school team, or will be when appropriate age is reached. In the Silver Group there becomes a mastery of topspin and slice on the groundstrokes along with an understanding of how to use spin on the serve.

Blue Group
A truly accomplished player who has considerable competitive experience and in most cases has either a district sectional or national ranking. Years of training and dedication define this level of player. Many players in the Blue Group have become state high school singles and doubles champions. Private instruction complements this group to personalize styles of play. Most of these players continue on to play collegiate tennis.

USTA Junior Team Tennis
We offer the opportunity to play Junior Team Tennis to the players (18 years and younger) in the Maize, Silver and Blue Groups. These teams play throughout the school year against teams from other clubs on designated weekends. The Junior Team Tennis season(s) usually run from November through early March.

For more information regarding Junior Team Tennis, please contact Christie Dickinson in Tennis Administration at (734) 665-3738 (ext. 26) or email

Tournament Training Programs
Liberty's Junior Tennis Tournament training programs are designed to prepare young players to play and enjoy competitive tennis, and to improve their skills through tournament play. These programs are available during the summer months, and offer a three-tiered approach beginning with Tournament Intro and Technique.

This first tier, Tournament Intro and Technique, introduces players to the fun of competitive play, develops fundamental stroke techniques and strategies and prepares the player to compete in introductory tournaments.

The second tier, Tournament Prep, focuses on developing confidence in a player's ability to hit with spin on groundstrokes, volleys and serve. Both offensive and defensive skills are broadened along with an introduction to the benefits of a fitness-training program.

The final tier, Tournament Excellence, develops both mental and physical strength, stamina and quickness so that the player may compete at the highest level. Refining a player's stroke technique and strategy that will hold up under mental and physical pressure is a key component of this program.

All three tiers maintain a student to instructor ratio of 4 to 1. For more information on our Tournament Training Programs please download a copy of our brochure.

Be sure to review our policies related to these programs.

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