Personal Training

Our personal training services are available to both members and nonmembers.

The most personalized of our training services are one-on-one workouts with your personal trainer. One-half hour and hour sessions are available. Members may also purchase a package of 10 sessions at a discounted rate.

Our semi-private training service allows you to share your training time with up to three of your friends. Not only will you benefit from your personal trainer's expertise, you'll experience extra motivation from your workout partners. One-half hour and hour sessions are available.

Small Group Training
These groups of four to six people are explicitly designed around specific themes that allow a group of individuals with similar interests and goals to draw on the motivation of a team atmosphere. Working in this environment will allow participants to benefit from the structure and coaching of individualized training program along with enjoying the added support and energy from other group members.

Groups may range from sport-specific conditioning and kettlebell training, to flexibility and weight management programs. We are constantly evaluating new group ideas and searching for effective ways to enhance the quality of these programs. We have even created specialized programs based on the request of members. Our current schedule of groups being offered is located via the link on the right.

TFit maintains a semi-private setting with a personal trainer combining both cardiovascular and resistance training into one workout. 50- and 25-minute classes are available and each one is limited to seven participants. Unlike our standard 'Semi-Private' training service, you do not need to contact a trainer to make an appointment. Advanced registration for pre-determined TFit classes is taken at the front desk. You may sign-up on your own and meet new classmates, or sign-up with a friend and share the experience. Please download our TFit Schedule (see download link on the right) for classes currently offered, as well as for more TFit information.

Personal Fitness Assessments & Body Composition Analysis
Whether you are just beginning an exercise program or continuing an established routine, our assessments provide you with powerful information. Performed by a certified personal trainer, these assessments not only establish a baseline from which improvements can be measured, they also identify personal strengths, as well as areas needing improvement. Based on your assessment results and individual goals, your trainer can develop a targeted fitness program to get you across your finish line. From where you are to where you want to be, use these powerful tools along the way to measure your improvements and keep you on track. To schedule an assessment, talk with your personal trainer or contact RJ Meske, Director of Personal Training, by calling (734) 665-3738 (ext. 29).

Personal Fitness Assessment
The most comprehensive assessment we offer, these results provide the 'big picture' for you and your trainer. Your personal fitness assessment may include:
  • Blood Pressure
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Body Weight
  • BMI (Body Mass Index = Height-to-Weight Ratio)
  • *Body Composition (Percentage Body Fat)
  • *Circumference Measurements
  • Cardiovascular Fitness: Three-Minute Step Test
  • Flexibility: Sit-and-Reach Test
  • Upper Body Endurance: Bench Press or Push-Up Test
*available in Body Composition Analysis

Body Composition Analysis
This analysis allows you to check two of the most popular indicators of fitness success: percentage body fat and circumference measurements. Your body composition analysis may include:
  • Circumference Measurements (with tape measure)
  • Body Composition: Skinfold Calipers or Tanita scale

Be sure to review our policies related to these services.

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We look forward to speaking with you about personal training.

Please contact R.J. Meske, Director of Fitness, at (734) 665-3738 (ext.29) or
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