Group Fitness

Achieving fitness is one thing. Sustaining it is another. As many people have discovered, regularly scheduled classes are one of the best ways to maintain a high level of physical well being—offering variety, discipline and a built-in support system.

Choose from a wide array of group fitness classes, each taught by certified instructors. Most classes are conducted in our specially equipped group fitness studio. Our popular cycling classes are held in our dedicated cycling studio which features a custom sound, lighting and cooling system. Group fitness classes are complimentary with membership. Read more about specific classes below or download our group fitness schedule for more information.

Cardio Crunch
One of our NEW "express" classes, Cardio Crunch is 100% pure cardio that will get you moving! This half hour session will have you sweating without tricky choreography.

Cardio Tone
A calorie torching lower impact workout combining light weights, fun and uncomplicated aerobic movement. Expect to sweat in this multi-level class.

Dancefit is a fun, high energy class that combines the hit music you love with easy to learn dance styles like swing, hip hop, and salsa. Get your total body workout with intervals of weight training (Mondays only) and abdominal work. Suitable for all levels of fitness, no experience needed. If you can march, you can do DanceFit!

Extreme Pump & Jump
The ultimate cross-training challenge! This pulse-pounding workout includes weight training along with athletic drills and calisthenics, for those who want intensity without complexity. Please note that this class includes extreme training elements like sprints and plyometrics, therefore we ask that you speak with the instructor before your first class.

Fit Barre
Experience one of the hottest trends in fitness. Men and women alike will benefit from this creative muscle conditioning class which combines Pilates technique and the lifted, lengthened, muscles achieved through basic barre exercises.

Gentle Fitness
Gentle Fitness is geared toward beginning exercisers and those with neuromuscular tightness, injury or restricted movement. Improve your overall fitness with exercises utilizing your own body weight and various props such as a mat, ball or bands. If you can appreciate a class with slower movement with an emphasis on proper technique and posture, Gentle Fitness is the class for you.

H2O Fitness
H2O Fitness works your body against the three-dimensional resistance of water. No swimming experience is necessary. You'll expend more energy and gain greater toning in this "kind-to-your-joints" format.

If You're looking for a way to add variety to your fitness program, this is it. Movement, music and the use of props keep it interesting and keep you working at various levels of intensity throughout the class.

IGNITE! Is a new class designed to fire up your metabolism with a series of progressive intervals that focus on both slow and fast twitch muscle fibers. Specifically created for our members, IGNITE is an all in one, multi-level workout that will challenge seasoned athletes and beginners alike. Running is not incorporated into any IGNITE class.

Muscle Max
No nonsense here, just pure muscle conditioning! Muscle Max uses free weights, resistance bands, body bars, and more to build strength and endurance.

Pilates is a no impact, mat-based workout that is suitable for all fitness levels. Build a strong core, increase strength and flexibility, and improve posture, stability and alignment. Runners, golfers, tennis enthusiasts, cyclers, and swimmers will find increased speed and stamina as well as a greater sense of muscular balance. Various props, such as a magic circle, theraband, weighted ball or foam roller may be utilized to bring additional focus to your workout.

Spinning® simulates a road biking experience through motivational and visualization techniques accompanied by music. Your instructor will guide you through hills, flat terrain, jumps and changes in speed and intensity. This format is suitable for all levels of conditioning with emphasis upon individual goals. A heart rate monitor is recommended.

Step Fusion
Step Fusion is a fun, fat-burning workout that alternates between step aerobics and muscle conditioning. It uses intervals in order to provide both cardiovascular and strength benefits. An adjustable step platform is used for the step portion of the class. Our 75 minute step fusion class is step aerobics with intervals of weight training followed by 25 minutes of yoga based stretch.

Step Challenge
Non-stop step! Step challenge is a high intensity class that consists of intricate choreography at a fast pace. Step Challenge is for the advanced step participant.

Super Stretch / Ab Lab
Another addition to our "express" series. This half hour strength and flexibility class can be combined with any number of workouts for a well-rounded fitness routine, or stand on its own as a great way to lengthen and lean out your body.

Total Body Conditioning (TBC)
Total Body Conditioning (TBC) is designed to condition the major muscle groups with the use of hand-held weights, bars, bands, an adjustable platform, and a resist-a-ball. High repetitions, low weight and moderate resistance will aid in sculpting the body. A member favorite!

Each of our yoga classes are created to be multi-level and can be adjusted to accommodate those with injury or limitation. Whether you are stepping on to the mat for the first time or building upon your existing foundation, Liberty is sure to have a class to fill your needs. We recommended you consult your instructor prior to your first class and always provide information pertaining to movement restrictions or adjustment preference.

Private and semi-private yoga instruction is available in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and other styles. Learn privately before entering a class setting, create your own small group at a time that works for you, or work closely with your favorite instructor to deepen your practice and achieve your personal goals.
  • Ashtanga Yoga
    This method of Yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a sequential and progressive series of postures. It differs from other methods of Yoga because the order of poses remains the same, with one posture preparing you for the next in the sequence. The practice can be especially invigorating as it is taught in a warm room and teaches breath control and energy locks to produce an internal heat, detoxifying the muscles and organs. Classes are voice guided, with a particular focus on back bending, spinal twisting and inversions in order to maintain spinal alignment and strengthen posture.

  • Yin Yoga
    Yin Yoga is for everyone. It targets the connective tissues, such as ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that normally are not exercised very much in a more active style of asana practice.

  • Yoga Latte
    Yoga Latte is a combination of Pilates-based movements and Power Yoga to enhance strength, flexibility and core stability.

  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
    A popular style of yoga in which the breath is synchronized with a flowing sequence of postures. Each instructor brings their own unique variation, including music to enhance the flow and rhythm of class. This is a challenging and empowering practice emphasizing breath connection, core strength, and awareness.
Zumba Gold®
In Zumba, elements of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and Reggaeton fuse together in the ultimate dance-fitness party. Zumba Gold® modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant, as well as those just starting their journey to a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Be sure to review our policies related to these programs.

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