Pilates-based training is a contemporary approach to Joseph Pilates' original exercise concept, emphasizing smooth and dynamic repetitions, encouraging muscles to relax and lengthen. The benefits of STOTT PILATES® include:
  • increased core strength
  • enhanced functional fitness & ease of movement
  • improved balance, coordination & circulation
  • improved posture
  • longer, leaner muscles
The STOTT REFORMER employs spring resistances, providing gradual resistance as muscles contract. Such mechanics ensure that the exercise is working the muscle properly, with less stress on tendons and ligaments than when using weighted resistances. This spares your joints while correcting muscle imbalances that lead to injuries. Balance, strength, and flexibility are developed in tandem, ensuring efficient movements and stable posture. One on one and small group Pilates instruction is available utilizing the mats and/or STOTT REFORMER in our independent Pilates studio.

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