Martial Arts

Tai chi

Ages 12-up (no experience necessary)
The slow, graceful movements of Tai Chi (Taijiquan) are well known for their health benefits, but it is also an effective system of self defense. This class will cover the basics of the art through drills, forms, and two person games called “push hands”. All styles and levels welcome.

Kung Fu Kids

Ages 7-up
Come learn the beautiful art of Chinese Kung fu. Develop lower body strength, coordination, and a strong core with this fun and exciting class! Everything from basic footwork to jumping and spinning kicks will be covered. All levels are welcome and you work at your own pace. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and bring indoor footwear.

Adult Kung Fu

Ages 12-up
Kung fu is based on five core principles: striking, sticking, moving, throwing, and returning. These concepts are explored through various styles with a focus on the art of Fan zi quan (Tumbling Fists) but training will also include arts such as Baji (Eight Extremes), Pi gua (Chopping and Hanging), and Di tang (Groundwork Fist). The traditional forms as well as modern applications will be explored in detail. All levels welcome!

Younglings Saber

Basic Training Ages 5-up
This 30 minute class teaches lightsaber basics and the discipline that goes with it. Participants will practice and learn in a safe environment. This is the perfect class for the aspiring young Jedi and Sith to ready them for more advanced classes. Loose comfortable clothing is recommended.


Ages 12-up
Saberfit is a non-combat class centered around the lightsaber! Use the weapon of the Jedi to battle your way to fitness and fun with this non-contact high energy class. No experience is necessary, wear loose comfortable clothing and stay attuned to the Force. Lightsabers are provided. (Ages 7-12 are allowed with instructor approval).

Sword Lab

Ages 12-up (no experience necessary)
This class will teach basic methods and techniques from historical sources about swords and other ancient weapons. Historical fencing class. Please wear loose comfortable clothing and good shoes.

Saber Fencing

Ages 12-up
This four hour workshop will introduce the methods of the exciting new sport of lightsaber combat. Form, technique, and its use in combat will be practiced through a safe, protected fencing format. All styles and levels welcome. Protective gear and sparring weapons will be provided, but you may bring your own.