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TGIF Events

TGIF (Tennis Guest is Free)!


  • Reservations may be booked on a first come first serve basis 6 days in advance of any TGIF date
  • Only one member of the group signs up for a time-slot
  • (Different members of the same group may not sign-up for additional time-slots)
  • Each group may only sign-up for one time-slot per TGIF
  • Bookings will be accepted via the Liberty App, website, phone or in person (Voicemail bookings will no longer be accepted)
  •  A confirmation email and roster form will be sent to the *member responsible for the court prior to each
  • TGIF date (*member who originally booked TGIF time-slot)
  • A 24 hour policy applies for all TGIF reservations to avoid fees being charged to the member responsible for the court

Please review the document linked below to help navigate the process.

TGIF Procedures & Reservation Policies