Come on in...the water's great! If you like to swim, you're going to love Liberty. We offer both indoor and outdoor pools, a long list of classes and organized swim activities, adult-hours, and much more. Separate lanes for lap swimming and an activity area for lessons— the pool is a swimmer's paradise. Members can help themselves to kickboards, flippers, and other complimentary pool equipment. And some of the late evenings are reserved for adult swim—giving you a luxurious exercise option for winding down after a long day.

To learn more about Liberty's many instructional and competitive programs, check out our Programs and Services.

Our Facilities
  • Twenty-five yard indoor swimming pool (water always at a dependable 81 to 84 degrees)
  • Twenty-five yard outdoor lap pool (water temperature held between 81 and 84 degrees)
  • Outdoor activity pool with two water slides and water features (water temperature a warm 88 to 92 degrees)
  • Liberty Lagoon, a 10,000 square foot indoor waterpark (water temperature a warm 88 to 92 degrees)
Visit our Waterparks section for more information about our outdoor facility.

Be sure to review our policies related to these programs.

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