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Member Testimonials

Josh Newbury, Member since April 2014:
"Awesome clean club with top end machines and friendly staff. Been a member for more than two years and we love the pool, the spa, training classes and personal trainers"

Kusull Kim, Member since May 2014:
"If they had beds I'd live there!!!! I'm just sorry that we waited so long to join!!"

Betty L. Gjesdal, (Temporary member, doesn’t live in Ann Arbor, Joins when visit daughter):
"It is an all-around perfect gym! You will not be disappointed."

Laura Moorman, Member since May 2015:
"We can't believe how much time we spend here as a family. Fantastic pools!!!"

Courtney Looney, Member since November 2015:
"We enjoy coming to the gym and appreciate the friendly staff and available resources. Keep up the good work!"

Patrick Smith, Member since August 2015:
"I am extremely pleased with the services provided by the club. My wife is too, as are my daughter and grandchildren with their membership. We all wish that we had joined a long time ago. I am particularly pleased with my trainer Pat Mehan. In just a few months he has helped me get in much better shape, and has also motivated me to continue along the path he has me on."

Donna Shannon, Member since February 2014:
"Liberty is more than just a gym to me, it's a community. I joined Liberty to help me gain back some of my motivation that the miserable winter had sucked out of me. Liberty gave me back my motivation and so much more!
The classes are top notch and the instructors really take the time to get to know you. The camaraderie in the classes is amazing, something I had never felt at other gyms. I recently had the amazing experience of finishing my first Tough Mudder with a group from Liberty. Liberty offers so much more than other gyms in Ann Arbor. As an avid swimmer and triathlete I appreciate the indoor and outdoor pools and waterparks (I will never be too old do water slides!)
I also love the amenities such as a hot tub, steam room, sauna and even a smoothie bar!
Liberty has been a tremendous investment in my health and is worth every penny!"

Marget Smallwood, Member since February 2002:
"Dear Lori, Kathy, Sam and Andrea,
I want to thank you all for your dedication to your work. Three times a week I attend one of your classes. Not only to keep fit, but to keep my stress level at bay (from a job I love but is very intense)
You are all 100% engaged in your classes! You make your clients feel special. Your classes are safe and even your music is fresh and inspiring
You motivate me to work out at my personal best and I leave here feeling great, with a positive attitude.
I appreciate you!"

Laura Kokkales, Member since 2001:
"Liberty Athletic Club has always been proactive providing exceptional customer service in all areas within the facility, responding to the tiniest of all details to the largest of all needs to enhance the experiences offered. They serve the community through outstanding course offerings, personal attention creating a family atmosphere that is unprecedented. They have not lost sight of knowing that people are their first priorities which supports their caring beliefs throughout the membership."


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