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Adult Tennis

Adult Introductory Tennis

This program is perfect for adults who are new to tennis! Whether you hope to play competitive or social tennis, these clinics will provide a solid foundation and the chance to develop your game. Learn the basics by meeting one hour a week for two weeks.

Adult Intermediate Tennis

This program is for adults that have participated in our Adult Introductory Clinics or for those with some previous tennis experience with an approximate USTA rating of 2.5. This clinic will work on basic tennis skills to provide a solid foundation and the chance to develop your game.

Cardio Tennis 2.5-4.0

Cardio Tennis is a fun, group activity for both men and women featuring drills to give players of varying abilities an ultimate, high-energy workout to music. It includes a warm-up, cardio workout, and point playing. It’s a healthy way to get in shape and to burn calories.  

Co-ed Social Tennis 2.5-3.0

Co-Ed Social Tennis is a great opportunity to develop matchpoint skills and meet new players!  Appropriate for  players at the 2.5-3.0 skill level. The format will be Round Robin Doubles, giving you a chance to play with a variety of different players. If there is an odd number of players registered, we will rotate players in or have a self feeding drill court where we can work on matchpoint skills. Advance Registration Preferred. Members Only. 

Co-ed Practice 2.5-3.5

A fun practice that incorporates technical instruction, drilling and strategy. It is designed for people that are relatively new to competitive play, and/ or people who want to have fun playing and working on their game. 

Co-ed Practice  3.0-3.5

Drilling and strategy with an emphasis on doubles play. For both men and women who have a 3.0 or 3.5 USTA rating and/or with instructor approval. 

Adult Drills & Match Play 4.0

Singles and doubles match play designed for 4.0 men and women players.  Players must have a 4.0 rating or instructor approval. Contact Marty Maehr at [email protected] for instructor approval.

Co-ed Practice 4.0-4.5

High intensity drilling and strategy with emphasis on doubles play for both men and women who have a 4.0 or 4.5 USTA rating and/or instructor approval. This class is held on the 2nd Thursday of every month.

Adult Elite Practice 4.5-5.0

Competitive singles and doubles oriented practices for men and women. All players must receive tennis pro approval to participate in this advanced practice.  Please contact Dean Boodakian at extension 148  for further information.  


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