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Junior Tournament Training Program

Liberty's Junior Tournament Training Programs are designed to prepare young players to play and enjoy competitive tennis, and to improve their skills through tournament play. These programs are available during the summer months, and offer a four-tiered approach.

This first tier, Technique Group, introduces players to the fun of competitive play, develops fundamental stroke techniques and strategies and prepares the player to compete in introductory tournaments.

The second tier, Tournament Intro, helps develop and maintain stroke integrity and consistency in "live ball" rallying situations. Develops offensive and defensive skills, and point construction and strategy to prepare players of local USTA tournaments.

The third tier, Tournament Prep, focuses on developing confidence in a player's ability to hit with spin on groundstrokes, volleys and serve. Both offensive and defensive skills are broadened along with an introduction to the benefits of a fitness-training program.

The final tier, Tournament Excellence, develops both mental and physical strength, stamina and quickness so that the player may compete at the highest level. Refining a player's stroke technique and strategy that will hold up under mental and physical pressure is a key component of this program.

All four tiers maintain a student to instructor ratio of 4 to 1 and are open to both members and non-members. Enrollment in the Junior Competitive Program is not required however, students must meet certain skill levels in order to participate.

For more information on Tournament Training Programs, please contact the concierge staff at (734) 665-3738 (ext. 134) or email

2019 Tournament Training Program Brochure

Southeastern MI Junior Recreational & Competitive Tennis Handbook