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Camp FAQs

How to Register

Registration for camp may be done by phone, e-mail or in-person. Members may also enroll via the online services portal or the registration links located on our website. When registering online ALL charges will be made at time of enrollment. Nonmembers must pay at the time of enrollment.


Camp Emergency Forms are to be completed and submitted online at least one week prior to camp. The links will be e-mailed to you after enrolling.

Need Additional Information?

Contact Camp Director, Meaghan Kennedy (734) 665-3738 ext. 157 or e-mail at


Members: We will automatically bill programs to member accounts unless we receive an alternate method of payment before the program begins.

Nonmembers: Nonmembers must pay at the time of enrollment and provide valid credit card information to keep on file (encrypted in our system). Liberty accepts nonmember payment by cash, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

Proration based on Late Enrollment

Should you choose to register for a program after it has begun, you will be charged only for the remainder of the program period. Late enrollment may not always be permitted.

Refunds and Credits

In the case of severe injury or emergency, the cancellation policies and fees will be taken into consideration and a partial or full refund may be issued.

28-Day Cancellation Policy

Applies to all Summer Camps. Should cancellation be received within twenty-eight days (four weeks) of the program’s start date, it is considered a ‘late cancellation’ and the program fee is due in its entirety. Failure to cancel also results in the entire fee being retained.