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Most people recognize the importance of healthy nutrition, as well as the multiple benefits associated with balanced dietary habits. In conjunction with weight control, a properly implemented nutrition plan can significantly improve energy, sleep quality, cognition, mood, and many of the supporting elements related to disease risk reduction. However, for many of us, consistently making healthy dietary choices is a challenge.

Meet with our Registered Dietitian and let her assist you in achieving your personal health, weight and fitness goals. Our dietitian is dedicated to helping each member of your family reach his or her health and wellness goals in a timely manner. You can't put a price on your health. Learn how to start eating healthy and making smarter food choices, today!

Nutrition Consultation - 60 minutes

Our Registered Dietitian provides nutrition and wellness counseling to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Meet with her to review your individual dietary and nutrition strengths, areas for improvement, and discuss food and nutrition products and alternatives.

The Balanced Body -Small Group Program

This is not a quick-fix program providing guarantees about how much weight or how many sizes you can lose.  It is not a program for those looking to try the next new thing.  This is a program for those who have had enough, for those who are tired of being tired, fed up with not having the energy, strength, endurance and peace of mind to embrace life to its fullest.  This program is for those finally ready to build the habits necessary for embracing a balanced body.

This evidenced-based lifestyle program will help educate, motivate and reinforce participants’ efforts to establish healthy habits in nutrition, exercise, and recovery. In addition to tracking weekly goals for exercise, nutrition and wellness, participants will meet twice per week as a group to complete full body workouts coached by Liberty’s personal trainers.  As the weeks progress, participants will be required to complete additional exercise sessions on their own, preparing themselves for maintaining exercise habits past the conclusion of the program.  Most of the exercise sessions will require the use of a Myzone heart rate monitor, which is necessary for participation in the program.

Liberty’s Registered Dietitian will help participants establish better eating habits and make healthier food choices. Every week will include achievable goals for gradually improving the quality of each person’s nutrition.  Participants will also receive weekly nutrition education through an online Facebook group dedicated to the Balanced Body. 

This program will also use a cutting edge mobile training platform for participants to track their workout progress and stay accountable. Participants will be able to access their workouts online and through their smartphone in addition to their assessments taken before, during and after the program.

Program Dates

March 2 - May 1 (excludes 3/30 & 4/3)

Program Breakdown

  • Pre, Mid and Post Assessments
  • 8 Weeks of Exercise Programs
  • 2x per week trainer-led 60 minute workouts
  • Weekly group nutrition coaching
  • Weekly nutrition, exercise and wellness goals
  • Cloud- based nutrition and exercise tracking
  • Email support with Liberty's nutritionist and trainers

Trainer Led Workouts

Mondays  9am-10am

Fridays  9am-10am

Nutrition Coaching Sessions

Mondays  10am-10:30am


$349 Member | $399 Non-Member
Registration Required | 48 Hour Cancellation Policy

Balanced Body - Small Group Program